Design of Noise Control

CSGA in conjunction with Acoustic Hardware Ltd can design and specify noise control solutions for the most demanding of projects.

Whether local planning authorities are looking for an indication of the bulk of noise control or the client is simply trying to understand the feasibility of a site, we can help teams visualise the final acoustical architecture.

By providing noise control design drawings, difficult height restrictions (particularly in central London) can be accommodated and absorbed into designs, and bespoke enclosures can be inclusive of most architectural anomalies.

We can provide a performance specification and outline drawing for your project that can be taken to various suppliers, enabling the designs to be used in a competitive tender.

Why not contact us and see if we can design a bespoke solution for your project?

What Our Clients Say

As a new supplier to Kier I am pleased to say; CSG Acoustics provided consultancy support, including the design, supply and install of a large acoustic screen on a recent project. The team were personable, always available and extremely knowledgeable on acoustics. I would recommend them to any design team

Ian Pearson – Project Manager - Kier Construction

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