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What Makes Us Different

Out of all the thousands of Acoustic Consultants, why would you employ CSG Acoustics Ltd? It’s a simple question that we can help you with;
  • Acoustic Consultants – Our Team

    All of our technical staff are full members of the Institute of Acoustics, all with over 15 years of experience in acoustics, noise and vibration, consultancy and testing. Our staff have worked in noise teams all across the world, from research and development to expert witness testimonies.


    Whether it’s a complicated acoustic design, noise planning issue or noise from a mechanical plant – the CSG Acoustics team are fully equipped to handle any acoustics problem with flexibility and attention to detail that less experienced teams may struggle with. To learn more about our Acoustic Consultants, see our team page.

  • acoustics consultants

    Acoustic Consultants – Project Management

    Each project is managed, surveyed, delivered and invoiced by one senior member of the team. Your senior acoustic consultant that is allocated to your job will always be available and up to speed on your project. This way, nothing is lost in translation, there is no junior acoustic consultant with gaps in their knowledge and your one point of contact knows everything needed for the delivery of your acoustic project.

  • planning

    Acoustic Consultants – Planning

    We know the planning system can be difficult to negotiate. Our experience in acoustics and noise planning often allows us to negotiate with councils to overturn/reduce overly stringent noise criteria. Is your current design exceeding planning noise policy? Could you benefit from a technical review of the applicability of your council’s criteria – if so, then the CSG Acoustics team can help.

  • noise modeling software

    In most cases a well designed acoustics spreadsheet will be more than adequate to calculate noise impacts. However, for those large mechanical services jobs or large infrastructure / residential builds, noise modeling software should be the go to tool. We use the most recent version of CadnaA (2019) which among other things allows thousands of noise sources to be used, with predicted noise levels in 1/3rd octaves. Noise modeling allows millions of individual acoustic calculations to take place simultaneously and also allows instant amendments. Noise calculations that would take weeks to do on a spreadsheet can be done in seconds!

  • acoustic hardwareWe have a noise control ‘arm’ to our acoustic consultancy. because we design and manufacture, we have an unrivalled insight into the complexities of noise control. We have the acoustic expertise to design noise control at the earliest stage of the project inception. How often does noise control get pushed back to the contractor without any knowledge of size or cost? We can help.  Our clients get an early sketch of the size of noise control and budget pricing based on our in-depth knowledge of the noise control process. This can help save some pretty massive headaches later down the line.  Visit www.acoustichardware.co.uk
  • acoustic calculator

    We don’t just sit back and rely on noise technical papers from research bodies and universities, we go out and research areas of interest. Recent research has included a one year foray into digital noise control techniques and also into how noise in ducts changes due to flow and cross-section. This acoustic research not only strengthens our knowledge but puts us at the forefront of acoustic design and modern noise control techniques.

    Check out our wooden acoustic enclosure design or our acoustic enclosure calculation tool https://acoustichardware.co.uk/calculator.php